Gwyneth Paltrow finally joins Facebook and Twitter

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Oh happy day! Lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow is, as she says, "trying to join the twentieth-first century" by finally opening Facebook and Twitter accounts so everyone can know instantly what Mario Batali and A-Rod said at her latest dinner party, or how amazing Downward Dog is. And maybe be treated to a new country ditty or two.

The Goopster made quite a splash with her debut, a scintillating Facebook video detailing her strolling down a New York sidewalk in search of a cab. And her first tweet was even better, sharing with us the mindblowing revelation that… wait for it…"This is my first Tweet!" She's obviously a busy woman, but still, holding out until June of 2011 is pretty impressive. Perhaps she didn't want to give the haters more fodder, and finally realized it's a moot point at this juncture. Anyway, there are worse things than getting tips for the perfect souffle in French while Apple chews out the nanny like mommy does as "Yellow" plays softly in the background. (Or are there?)