Hackers attack PBS website, claim Tupac is still alive

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Tupac on PBS website

Tupac Shakur is still alive and living in New Zealand. Thanks to some snarky hackers, that's what the PBS website was reporting last night. (And here I thought he was living on an island near Fiji all this time.) The group taking responsibility for the hacking calls themselves "The Lulz Boat." According to a statement released by the group, they took aim at the network because they were dissatisfied with a Frontline documentary special about WikiLeaks, which the Boat-sters claim "tries to build an 'espionage' case against [WikiLeaks] founder, Julian Assange, and also the young soldier, Bradley Manning." I'm still not sure what a rapper who's been dead for well over a decade has to do with any of this.

In less innocuous news, the Lulz Boat also published the login and password information for a bunch of PBS employees, including server administrators, reporters, and other staff members. There's pretty much nothing LOL-worthy about that. Though it probably shouldn't come as a surprise since they've pulled similar attacks on other media giants including Fox and Sony in the past.