Hate-filled 4chan anarchists wish the elderly a happy birthday

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William Lashua

The miscreants behind are responsible for the biggest internet pranks in recent memory. Who could forget when Twitter exploded with #JustinBieberSyphillis? That was the proud work of 4chan's messageboard /b/. And when they ruined the life of this eleven-year-old girl? Also a coup for the trolls at board /b/.

Apparently, the hackers of 4chan have changed their tune (and into one that reminds us slightly of Robert Duvall's latest feature, Get Low). After someone uploaded a photo of the flyer above, spotted at a supermarket, 4chan made it their mission to pay this old man his birthday respects. William Lashua, 90-year-old WWII vet, received a flood of cards and gifts from anonymous internet senders at his birthday party held last Friday at the Ashburnham American Legion Hall in Massachusetts. Lashua's son was grateful for the attention given to his dad but did not invite any of Lashua's internet admirers to the party, for whatever reason.

4chan proves that even the most hardened internet agitators can occasionally do good. We still recommend you never visit their website, though. It's fucking horrible.

Via Valleywag