Here’s some awesome photos of porcelain dolls being dropped

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Where I grew up in suburban Chicago, easily-breakable and highly-expensive porcelain dolls were seemingly in every house, usually right in path of a football being thrown around indoors. And if you ever had the unfortunate luck of knocking one over and shattering it on the ground, you understand the weird exhilaration that comes with knowing you're about to take on the full brunt of your mother's fury and that it's almost going to be worth it because you just saw something amazing.

Which brings us to these amazing photos from artist Martin Klimas. Sure, they are, as the website says, "porcelain martial arts characters dropped from three meters high and photographed when they hit the ground." But there's something more to them. There's almost a "Fuck you, Mom, I'm going to play in the house if I want to" element to the whole endeavor.

(Note: There's a very good chance I'm bringing my own personal baggage to all this. But they're still cool, either way.)