Here is your Wes Anderson/Ja Rule mashup of the day

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Have you ever wondered what the slow-motion scenes from Wes Anderson films would sound like scored to Ja Rule, instead of Nico and The Kinks? (You have?) If so, the new mash-up video "Every Wes Anderson Slow-Motion Shot, Set to Ja Rule," created by Alex Moschina for Slacktory, is for you.

If you're someone who favors Buddy Holly glasses and ironic t-shirts, and are wondering if this isn't sacrilege, don't sweat it. It doesn't change anything, it just makes Jason Schwartzman cooler than he's ever been. You can be the judge of whether "Thug Lovin'" improves The Darjeeling Limited, but how can you not like a Royal Tenenbaums featuring "Down Ass Bitch?" 

While we wait for Jeffrey Atkins' (I mean Ja Rule's) Pain is Love 2 (which has turned into a rap Chinese Democracy at this point, though being locked up makes for a good excuse), we might as well marvel at how "Daddy's Little Baby" can transform Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic into a straight-up pimp. Even if you don't care for Ja Rule, you have to acknowledge the cleverness of how perfectly the song titles match up with the clips, creating visual puns. Can't wait for the Coen Brothers/Rick Ross mash-up.