Hey girl, want to see Ryan Gosling read out his own Internet meme?

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If you haven't seen Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling, the Tumblr that pairs photos of the soulful actor with a "Hey girl, [insert compliment/subtle come on here]," then you're in for a treat. (You know, if you're also into Ryan Gosling. Which… why wouldn't you be?) So before you watch this video of Gosling reading out some of the actual lines from the site, you should go waste twenty minutes of your work day over there.

But if you have seen it, then feel free to skip right ahead to the clip of his recent interview with MTV:

Somehow I always imagined Gosling's "Hey Girls" sounding a bit more smooth. (Mix in a bit more Marvin Gaye, perhaps, and then get back to me.) But between this and his recent lambasting of the arbitrary and regressive MPAA for slapping his Blue Valentine with an NC-17, the man is really on a roll at the moment. I doubt you guys will have many complaints about that.