Highs And Lows: Sex brings misery, regret and marriage

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Sex tape father and son


"'The connection between love/commitment and satisfaction was less strong for women than for men, though it was still present.' isn't that the opposite what women are always taught? women can't enjoy sex outside a committed relationship. that's just the way women are programmed. they're too emotional and it gets all wrapped up with the sex. blah blah blah."

Dare I say she's 'Good to the Bone?'"

"Brian never said it was funny. It IS crazy though. I have deer on my property at home, and as easy as it is to dismiss them as "just deer," they are nearly terrifying when standing right next to one. They're huge. And twitchy. As for the males, twice as terrifying."

"Consider also the Mental Health section. If that's not a memoir of suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, I don't know what is."

"'Here is your chance! For just $0.99 you can make a rebuttal and be heard by all.' Extortion, thy hath now a name. Or at least a web site.


Do not cock block


"Actually, most of the misery and regret came from the sex with my (now ex) wife, go figure."

"I think men's scrotums are overheating because of what they are viewing on their laptops."

"Is there anything that's legal in Tejas, besides executing innocent people, that is?"

"Terrible acting from both of them, judging from the trailer. Maybe Paradis is trying to save him from bad reviews?"

"I doubt dignity is the issue here – obviously he's just been preoccupied with pressing other matters."

"Long distance relationships are a bitch. Knowing I can go into my usual haunt and see someone I know helps with that. But maybe the bottle is a little help as well."

"At the risk of sounding crass, is there something brown falling from her ass?"


Assholeology fortune cookie

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