Highs And Lows: Circumcision, Tina Fey and surprising picture of a dog with a dildo

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Betty White Boozer

I've been doing the weekly highlights (and lowlights) with a choice comment from each story itself. There were a slew of memorable ones this week and I'm sorry I couldn't use all of yours…



On a Facebook prison sentence: "Hah, some girl at my high school got kicked out for posting a face shot of someone else on the internet without permission. Bam, dropped from International Baccalaureate."

On Tumblr vs. 4Chan: "So is the relevance to sex here the fact that no one involved in this controversy has ever had any?"

On dogs with dildos: "That's why I prefer cats. They understand discretion."

On Tina Fey's Kennedy Center speech: "In an untethered world, Tina Fey's ascension is one of the few things that makes sense."

On "Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day": "Coincidentally, Nov 18 is my birthday, and I'd like to point out that having BIRTHDAY sex with a guy with a mustache guarantees a kitten gets into heaven"

On Creationism in schools: "The two can't be taught side by side because one is a scientific theory, and the other is religious nonsense. If the school wants to teach creationism in a philosophy or religion class, that's fine. But only science should be allowed in a science class."



On Silvio Berlusconi's latest scandal: "Just so everyone knows, my previous comment was quoting Berlusconi's response to this whole scandal. I don't actually think that. Just realized that sarcasm doesn't work well over the net."

On exorcists: "Yeah, some crazy shit supposedly went down. The possessed all had pretty intimate knowledge of demonology that the Church keeps under wraps. There were unexplainable events like spontaneous combustion and levitating objects. Nothing as full on spooky as The Exorcist, but enough that I would have shit myself if I were in the room."

On a potential ban on circumcision: "Guys with foreskin don't know how to fuck. American guys will pound like hell with no regard for a lady's cervix or orgasm. I'm much happier now that I live (and fuck) in Europe…"

On a school biased against lesbians: "Well I thought school officials were suppose to help students with education, but all I see here is a disgrace. There should be a lawsuit. This girl has the right to graduate because she's done nothing wrong."

On The Situation's PSA: "That was possibly the worst PSA ever. It had absolutely no information about safe sex, just the words 'abstinence' and 'condom' were tossed in a couple times between a storm of 'situations'"

On a couple putting their possible abortion up to vote: "There's a reason to have a dictatorship right there."