Highs And Lows: Spermatozoa, via COD

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Touchscreen haters

More of your best comments from a week of many, many great comments.



On Simpsons vs. Fox: "Bill O'Reilly doesn't care about black people."

On David Lynch's new single: "For the first time ever I'm actually enjoying the vocoder effect. It works well with the track's vibe and aesthetic. Lynch, you either love him or don't get it. And I love him."

On the Hitchens-Blair debate: "I agree with SR's initial point: it wasn't a fair fight. Where's a genuine, articulate, theologian when you need one? Or maybe none of the theologians wanted to debate Hichens."

On the Playboy collection: "Of course it's a hard drive and not a floppy one. Just look at the publication in question."



On the atheism billboard: "I agree a billboard is not a place to start an intelligent debate, but in reply to DAME's comment. Atheism rates actually increase with educated people and practicing religion increases with lower educated demographics. There are tons of studies that have shown this time and time again."

On Spiderman on Broadway:" I work in the business and have a bunch of friends working on Spiderman, one of them was dropped and broke both his arms. When I first heard of this project, I thought 'WTF??? Why do Spiderman?' And the technical aspects are insane, even from a Broadway standpoint. It has been a huge money pit."

On the Duke sex list: "These kids will learn. Problem is: There will always be new kids who will have to learn the same thing. 15 dudes in 3 years? 5 a year, or a new one every 10 weeks or so? Even for TV, that sounds excessive. How did she keep them all straight?"

On NYE kisses: "I'm a bit surprised that only 8 percent cited family issues as their biggest holiday stresser. That's always been the challenge for me, and not just when the extended family got involved."

On the Insane Clown Posse's new charity venture: "Did you not notice that the promo was a big ad for all their bands and their wretched music?"

On murder in Disney's village: "This town is terrifying. I felt more comfortable walking through Memphis at night than in this creepy ass place."

On a swastika branding: "They branded a mentally-disabled man! Since the man has to walk around for the rest of his life with a swastika on his arm, I agree that the three men should have to think about how stupid they are in prison for the rest of their lives."

On birth control and fertility: "Don't despair, women of the world. My spermatozoa are available via COD."

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