Highs And Lows: Adios to a master pornographer

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Swinging necklace

Continuing the recent tradition of using my favorite comments from this week's posts to illustrate the posts themselves…



"Ignore Westboro. Westboro is a sideshow. That's more or less the given of any Nazis-in-Skokie-style case before the Court, including the Westboro one this year."

"That's the best thing I've seen on the interwebs, maybe ever."

"How about busting the myth that he was born in America? After all, he's really a secret muslim kenyan! (Just kidding!)"

"How will a single consisting of 2 minutes of silence ever get any airplay? Quiet Riot didn't record 'Cum on, feel the silence'."

"Why is she sitting on the ground in front of that door? Does she need help getting up?"

"There is sooo much wrong with this Ayn Randian masturbation fest – where to start???"


Restroom we can help you


"Texas needs Republican men like this one! Go, Tejas! I can't wait until the nutjobs get their finger on the trigger, control all the troops, and launch the Navy."

"so we just gave cartoon characters rights? The ACME corporation is going to have one of hell of a lawsuit coming their way for pain and suffering caused by anvils."

"as a recent graduate of an nyc high school, I half expected at least one teacher to be in this list. Teachers adding students or visa versa is a strange yet surprisingly common habit. I've never partaken but I've often seen my now former teachers commenting on former classmates' pictures, etc…"

"If a tree falls on a prostitute, and there are no cops around to bust her, does it make a sound?"

"Let me guess… Luhrmann will spell it 'The Gr8 G@tsby'?"

"What would a gay man *expect* from a town called 'Beaverton'? Now if he were lesbian, that would be different."

"Penthouse Forum letters had my attention for years. I was so depressed when I found out they were all written by an 80-year-old great-grandmother of seven."