Highs And Lows: Lips are for blowing

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Lips are for blowing

Let's keep our little commenting experiment going (despite the fact that there was a slackening off on this week's comments) with Highs And Lows: based on your remarks.



"I seriously considered enrolling in Facebook after watching this, just to friend Grover."

"I don't know how funny it was, it was pretty dark, but it captured Banksy's sensibility(gift shop indeed). Was that Kearny's Asian counterpart in the bowels of the sweatshop?"

"Straight girl with a question: What's so sexy about a woman checking herself out in a mirror? I see this kind of shot a lot in men's magazines and not always with girls in lingerie."

"I'm now obsessed with the alternative version of Back to the Future."

"a cute video. i wish he was more disheveled or was missing an ear, just to drive the point home."

"That's a pretty good claymation Steve Winwood."

"Well if I ever get to the point I that I cannot find a date that 1. has a brain or 2. does not put out on the first date.. Maybe date of of those two, but bestiality seems more enjoyable at that point"


Miners are so underground


"Sext? That's sex and text, huh? I keep my text turned off. Hell even the 200 minutes is too much for me but I can't keep up with it."

"Two girls, one cup. How could it not end badly? Ok, so the cup was full of ketchup, but still …"

"He's 68. What do you expect. Perhaps he should just go home, sit in the rocker, wrap the blankie around himself and suck on the gas pipe."

"it's not the boobs that are in bad taste, it's the black high-heel boots. christ. but what do we expect, it's been a century and a half since anyone in vienna knew anything about good taste"

"oh god. this screams 'remember Alf? He's back! In pog form!'"

"Another way of looking at this is that smart kids may actually start getting some. May teenage nerds rejoice."