Hillary Clinton loves “Texts from Hillary Clinton”

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I know it seems like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is too much of a BAMF to be a real person, and it seems like she was concocted in a laboratory from equal parts Jor-El and Eleanor Roosevelt, but apparently she's just like us. Or, at least, she loves sitting slack-jawed in front of a computer laughing at internet memes as much as we do. The Secretary of State is a big fan of the blog Texts from Hillary, the hugely popular Tumblr that shows Clinton wearing dark shades while texting various celebrities; in fact, she likes it so much that she went out of her way to set up a meeting with the creators of the site, even submitting her own idea for a post.

The two dudes behind the site, Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, discovered that Clinton was a fan of the blog when they received an e-mail from a member of her staff last week. They were invited to a meeting at the State Department, where they discussed the blog (Clinton said her favorite was the one with Ryan Gosling, natch) and posed for a photo (above) with the three of them texting on their Blackberries. Clinton even gave them a signed copy of the post she created, which contains references to both scrunchies and selfies; thus making the internet, as a whole, collapse on itself. 

The best part of this story is that… actually, every single part of this is pretty great. It just goes to show that you too can meet your childhood heroes with a little hard work, persistence, and hours and hours spent working on a website featuring photos of animals or famous people with humorous captions without any hope of profiting financially. So let's turn this mother out, Smoke Signals from Mark-Paul Gosselaar circa 1994.