Hipster Disney Princesses joins the internet meme kingdom

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Hipster Disney Princesses

Some day your indie-guitar-playing vegan prince will come. Until then, you can take screenshots of Disney's already waifish damsels and give them those ubiquitous square frames that scream "I was over that band before you'd heard of it." That's right, Hipster Disney princesses have joined the meme family

Maybe the Disney royalty of the last two decades were already hipsters, long before they were given biting captions and over-sized headphones. Ariel was totally into the human scene before anyone, Belle was reading things no one else could get, and Jasmine had the Salvation Army look down.

So enjoy these hipster pictures now, because you know in a month they'll be mass produced on vintage-faded T-shirts at Urban Outfitters. And you'll really want to say you were into them first.