“Hipster Hitler” T-shirts are taken offline amid controversy

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Hipster Hitler T-Shirts

Okay, so before I announce that they are no longer available, I should ask: how many of you actually knew that "Hipster Hitler" was a thing? I'll admit that for all my perspicacity, I did not. But, it was, first as a webcomic and then a string of online merchandise. Unsurprisingly, people have been pissed.

Martin Hosking, CEO of online retailer, which seems to have been the primary vendor of Hipster Hitler paraphernalia, has agreed to remove all "Hipster Hitler" merchandise from his site after the threat of legal trouble. The site has decided to "moderate a range of controversial work on the site related to portrayals of Hitler, the Holocaust and related events."

I have to admit, when I first saw the shirt this morning, I giggled at the pun. (I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.) And, considering the internet, hipster culture, and our love for mustaches, the existence of "Hipster Hitler" merchandise seems almost like an inevitability. That said, I draw a line between giggling at something on my own private computer and buying it and wearing it around on the street. If I encountered that image on an actual T-shirt in line at a coffee shop, I'd probably have reacted differently.