Homer Simpson is Jim Lovell in amazing “Apollo 13” mashup

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Astronot James Lovell ... also known as Homer Simpson

When it comes to mashups, The Simpsons makes it way too easy. There are over 400 episodes to choose from, packed with hundreds of classic film references — The Godfather, Cape Fear, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shining, Dr. Strangelove, and almost every Alfred Hitchcock movie have had their time in Springfield. It's even been said that Citizen Kane could be re-cut, in it's entirety, using only shots from America's favorite animated family. 

That said, here's the next best thing: an incredible mash-up of the fifth-season episode, "Deep Space Homer", recut as the trailer to Apollo 13. YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica has done an amazing job using only the trailer's original audio and clips from this classic episode… Even the actress playing Lovell's wife sounds raspy enough to be Marge. 

If that hasn't satisfied your thirst for Simpsons-related mashups, here's Ned Flanders as Breaking Bad's Walter White… If they got Snake to play Jesse Pinkman, I'd actually watch this.