Zombies invade Huffington Post culture page for Halloween

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Instead of predictably posting an article on why women dress slutty on Halloween, like the rest of the internet did, the Huffington Post is embracing the holiday: they got rid of their "Culture" tab for the day, and replaced it with "Zombies." There's blood dripping off of the tab! And the front page story headline reads, "BRRRRAAAAAAIIIIINNSS!" This is no mere retitling, either; it's a full page of zombie-themed culture articles. Some highlights include "HuffPost Zombies Endorses Herman Brains":

"Herman Brains believes that the country should not be a melting pot and non-zombies should stay out of it and this is smart idea even though if non-zombies get in we will just turn them into zombies. But still it's a good idea and all supports zombies. Supporting non-zombies makes hospitals bankrupt and then BRAINSSSSS BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS."

"Human Who Are Probably… Zombie!", featuring Anthony Bour-BRAIN, Brrrrrrrainn Wilson, and Billy Brain (because of this movie):

"Sometime, human be like zombie. They try to hide with name, but name can't hide brain in heart of zombie. No more closet zombies! Now we take over, you come eat brain, we accepting you!"

and the brilliant "Beyonce's Brain Bump Revealed!":

"Attention zombies, just in, this!: Beyonce brain look bigger and more tasty. We think she has baby brain in brain which mean double brain double delicious."

Even the sidebar blog articles are well-argued:

I've got to hand it to HuffPo. The Zombies page is making my brain happy.