“Hungover Owls” is today’s best new time waster

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If Tumblr had its way, I would probably never work again. Or shower. Or eat. There are just too many hilarious Tumblrs to read! (I love them so much, I don't even mind that they force me to misspell "tumbler." Sort of.) And now, taking the place of Pinup Robert Downey, Jr. in my heart, is Hungover Owls. Owls may not be the Internet's favorite animal — that is obviously cats — but I think they might be in the top five*. Definitely in the top ten. And while you might think of them as shrieking night terrors, it turns out that during the day, owls feel about as unhappy with being conscious as you do after a hard night out:

It's really the captions that make everything come together. Head over to Hungover Owls for many, many more.

*My suggested top five animals the Internet loves: cats, dogs, turtles, owls, hamsters