Images: a Mr. Potato Head full of ecstasy, and other things not to bring to the airport

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Mr. Potato Head ecstasy

All right, so I'm not trying to say that it was okay for someone to stuff Mr. Potato Head full of 293 grams of ecstasy without his consent and then try to send him through Australian Customs, but I am really, really glad that someone took a picture of it. Just look at the eyes!  Our drugged up little potato friend is just one of many awesome, insane new images of all the wacky shit custom officials have had to confiscate at airports across the world over the past several years, compiled in a handy gallery over at Boing Boing. See below for the bottles of "Gay Lube Oil" that actually contained (far less festive) steroids and the pants that contained actual live pigeons, and follow the link for the rest.

pigeon pants