Tommy Jordan, an IT consultant and ex-marine from Shelby County, North Carolina, is a bona fide YouTube celebrity at this point, after uploading a video last week that showed him firing nine hollow-point bullets into his fifteen-year-old daughter Hannah's laptop computer. Jordan had been driven to making his unorthodox point by a complaining letter his daughter had posted about her father and stepmother on her Facebook wall. 

Jordan had been living with his daughter for only a little over six months (she had previously been living with her biological mother) at the time the video was posted. Hannah's main beef in her frustrated Facebook rant had to do with the abundance of chores she felt oppressed by, and she began her letter like this:

"To my parents: I'm not your damn slave. It's not my responsibility to clean up your shit. We have a cleaning lady for a reason. Her name is Linda, not Hannah."

Hannah had thought her father was locked out of her Facebook page but remember, he's an IT guy. It's safe to say that Jordan was not happy with his daughter's letter, which he re-reads in the video. The video has predictably provoked mixed reactions in the blogosphere. The whiny, unappreciative-brat angle can certainly be perceived, but others took exception to Jordan's unconventional parenting methods, and notified authorities.

As it turned out, police paid a visit to his home and ultimately found nothing worthy of punitive action. (As Jordan described it on his own Facebook page.) In fact, according to Jordan, 

"The police by the way said 'Kudos, sir.' How's about those apples? Didn't expect THAT when you called the cops did you?"

So the road to over twenty-one-million YouTube views has not been without its bumps. And other than smoking a cigarette in the video, Jordan says he harbors no regrets about the whole thing. Oh yeah, except this:

"I'd have worn my Silverbelly Stetson, not my Tilley hat, if I'd known that image was going to follow me the rest of my life and I'd probably have cleaned my boots. That's it. I meant all the rest of it."

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Feb 13 12 - 6:10pm

To call that "bad parenting" is like calling the Titanic "bad navigating." It's terroristic. The implication, for anyone who missed it, is that the daughter is the next target for the .45: First time, I took your computer away for three months. Second time, I emptied a clip into it. Third time, whom do you think I'll be shooting?

Moreover, to excuse or explain this as being part of a southern gun culture is disgusting. Responsible gun owners know you do not discharge a firearm unless you are a) practicing on targets, b) legally hunting (which I also have a problem with, but let's put that aside), or c) to protect your home or to protect a person from the risk of serious bodily injury. You do NOT go around shooting up your property because you're pissed off.

You know, if the girl is a selfish, obnoxious, insolent teenager with an entitlement complex, is it any wonder where she gets it from?

Feb 13 12 - 6:57pm

From where does she get it? Probably her mother.

Feb 13 12 - 8:49pm
onelign Lord,

He mentions a step-mother in the video, so that's an automatic clue as to the basic dynamics gong on here. Teenage rebellion in a broken household, facing a feminine authority figure who is "NOT my real mother!". Which means shooting someone's laptop is going to solve n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

Feb 14 12 - 10:30am
Good one!

Robert - Excellent parody of the hysteria surrounding such non-issues. You never fail to entertain.

Feb 14 12 - 1:37pm
Kudos, Sir

I believe the discharge of his firearm in this instance falls under your a) practicing on targets. It's his property on his land. He can decide what the target is. And to make the bold assumption that his daughter is the next target is truly sensationalism at it's finest. You are partially to blame for the brats out there thinking that they are truly victims.

Feb 14 12 - 1:48pm

As noted in the video, this is the SECOND time his daughter was caught going against her father. HE fixed her computer. HE paid for the parts. HE had the license for the gun. SHE thought SHE was being smart, writing an essay and locking her parents out. She thinks she is entitled to these things. Her father is teaching her to be responsible for your actions. You fuck up you pay the consequences.

Feb 14 12 - 8:49pm
tedcal success

OMG, a teenager went against her father? And not just once? Shit, lynch that beotch!

Feb 13 12 - 11:03pm

I love this, it reminds me a lot of my childhood. She will appreciate her father's, what could seem like insane, punishment when she is in her 20's. When I was ten I left my bike out in front of the house. My Dad "stole" it from me and hid it in the locked garage. Two days later he gave it back to me asking if I learned a lesson. The lesson was, don't leave your stuff around or it could get stolen. To this day I make sure my bike is securely locked up and appreciate my Dad for all those little life lessons that may have seem harsh at the time. Although at 15 this is probably devastatingly embarrassing to her I guarantee she learned a very important lesson about family privacy and what you share on the internet.

Feb 14 12 - 12:50pm
Rip Riley

Archer's mom did the same thing. Only she didn't give it back. Hell, just last week she "stole" his sweet new Charger she got him for his birthday because he left it unlocked in a public garage. I think a pimp owns it now.

Feb 14 12 - 3:09am

I find it very infantile and attention seeking, and though we can all laugh at it, it's immature parenting on his part. The father is no different from his daughter in terms of cognition and respect, using a public forum in innappropriate, sad ways. The very least, he was wasteful in stroking his ego with this act, he could have donated that machine. I find little humor in ill-disposed technology, an issue in sustainability we face more and more each day.

Was his daughter blameless? Of course not, she did something wrong and rude, and at the very least deserves a consequence. Call me a hippie, but communication is key here. Not merely grand gestures of extremity. There's something far more rotten at the core here than a father trying to "teach 'em respect". It's a decay of familial understanding. And don't even preach to me about "kids these days are rotten", because kids have always been variable since the dawn of time.

Look at the Salem Witch Trials, the closeted, extreme culture made those wicked nasty children do wicked, nasty things that led to the deaths and ruined reputations of their neighbors and kin. Did they get their due punishment in the end? No.

I guess I don't see eye to eye with this sort of public discipline myself, but I'm just an uppity liberal middle class girl who's family just had different values than the one in the video, and who can see which is right, and which is wrong.

But man, seriously, he better have disposed of that machine with care, technology pollutes our environment tremendously and it's irrational to be so careless with waste.

Feb 14 12 - 10:15am

My kind of guy!

Feb 14 12 - 12:32pm

disclaimer: 1) i hate guns 2) i am a liberal. very liberal.

cool, now that we've gotten that out of the way: he didn't do a god damn thing wrong and i would happily buy this guy a beer... or a new hat or whatever. heavens forfu**ingbid someone actually disciplines their damn children nowadays. i'm tired of seeing "parents" letting their kids run wild because that would be the worst thing in the world to just tell them to put the brakes on that crap. from whoever called the cops on to the people crying and moaning about him putting holes into a LAPTOP THE HE HIMSELF BOUGHT... you're all the reason that kids suck nowadays. really.

Feb 14 12 - 12:51pm
pot-er head

fuck. yea.

Feb 14 12 - 5:07pm

Que Bueno!!! If I had a daughter like that, I would make her shoot her own laptop.

Feb 14 12 - 7:09pm

Most of these comments reflect an ideology so far from childhood. Can't you remember when you were that age? She did something wrong. She's probably already terrified of her father, and I hope she can be on her own and independent of him and her stepmother/mother as soon as possible so she can start repairing herself and live decently.