Internet-only girlfriends now available for rent at $36 per hour

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GameCrush hot girls

GameCrush, the site for guys to pay gamer girls to spend internet-only time with them, is finally up and ready for your dollars. Valleywag and Mashable investigated the site, which charges 60 cents per minute for dudes (or, really, anyone this super-shy) to video chat and play some two-player online games. (No, not those kinds of games, perv — well, I mean, you could, since GameCrush won't prevent any kind of online — or offline — interaction.) 

…there's an expectation of tipping built into the system. Also built into the system: A red light district called "The Edge." That's probably no surprise, given that the site's backers include classy porn purveyor Cyan Banister. Add it all up, and GameCrush looks like a cleverly veiled sex talk parlor. [Valleywag]

At $36 an hour plus tips for online-only interaction, wouldn't it be better just to get on these gaming sites and charm the pants off people and let your imagination picture them as one of the girls pictured above? Just let us put it on record that we'd date any of these girls, especially Quulixy and the one with the red specs in the bottom right corner.