Your iPhone secretly records and stores everywhere you go

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In a rare victory for conspiracy theorists, it turns out that your iPhone has been tracking and storing your every move since June.

Security researchers uncovered a feature that logs the latitude and longitude of the phone's recorded coordinates, along with a timestamp, and saves the information to a secret file that is uploaded to your computer every time you sync your phone. Some people will have more data logged than others, since the feature is believed to have gone online with the Apple iOS 4 update in June of 2010.

Another blow in the great Android-iPhone debate: Apple is the only company to use such a feature on their phones. Also, it seems that the file is transferred from device to device each time you sync — meaning your new iPad is also part of Big Brother's quest to know the mundane details of your day.

Obviously, the implications of this are kind of terrifying, albeit born of the kind of Randy Quaid-levels of paranoia that most of us don't suffer from. The bottom line is that were someone so inclined, the theft of your iPhone could result in a log of your daily activities, which is the kind of intimate information that most of us, pre-social media, were loathe to broadcast indiscriminately into the ether.

Also, I'm fairly certain this is how Skynet achieved self-awareness.