Kanye West announces massive new venture, DONDA, via Twitter

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At this point we're well aware that Kanye West has the combination of ambition, narcissism, and talent to pull off things like a thirty-minute-long music video about a man who falls in love with a phoenix. But if the somewhat rambling, epically grand and aggrandizing Twitter monologue he went on last night is any indication, West has set his sights even higher than any of us realized. In a series over over fifty messages, sent out over the course of two hours, West announced the creation of DONDA, an initiative named after his late mother, which… sounds like something out of a sci-fi story. Basically, West wants to create a think tank that will change the world. Through design. And maybe some other stuff, too.

Here, as best I can assemble, is what DONDA is all about. Buckle your seatbelts, everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

– DONDA will gather together brilliants minds from all fields:

– DONDA's goal is to make everything better, except for scents. Scents can stay as they are:

– DONDA will continue the legacy of such luminaries as Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, and Alexander McQueen:

– DONDA will also… create its own schools, I guess, with the help of Spike Jonze? (NB: may not be an actual part of DONDA.)

– DONDA is the best name for a company ever in the history of company names, it's just so great, I can't even:


So it turns out you can only repeat the word "DONDA" in your head so many times before you slip into the kind of trance state that normally occurs only in cultists and people in very intense twelve-step programs. Of course, maybe that's what West wants. There is so, so much more over at his Twitter account — and I do recommend reading it, because it's both somewhat insane and utterly fascinating — from Ye's thoughts on education to penal system reform to his confession that he hasn't bought a new car in two whole years.

Will DONDA actually become a thing? Will it change the world, or will it simply sign a licensing agreement with Target to make stylish yet affordable speaker systems? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd like to thank Kanye for his entertaining reach, even if it exceeds his grasp.