Footage of Kanye West’s failed “hip-hop puppet show” is now online

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In the world of Kanye West, if you like something (really, anything), the next logical step is to get out there and make your own, better version. That's what was supposed to happen back in 2008, when Kanye took such a liking to Comedy Central's R-rated puppet show Crank Yankers that he decided to make his own puppet show entitled Alligator Boots

Heartbreakingly, the show never made it to air, but at least we now have previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage to cling to. Check out the above clip for Kim Kardashian in a Princess Leia outfit (Kanye was supposed to dress up as a Stormtrooper, apparently), a horny, deep-voiced puppet named Beary White, and a catchy puppet song called "Baby in the Club." 

Now excuse me while I go draw up a petition — getting this show back into production is now my new pet side-project.