Kick Ass is the browser bookmark for blowing up websites for fun

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Click here to kick ass with your browser

A guy named Erik Rothoff has saved our week from becoming a miserable, dreary, rain-soaked washout. He's the mastermind behind Kick Ass, a bookmarklet that allows you to turn any web page into a an Asteroid-like video game, in which the object is to absolutely the blow the hell out of any website.

The instructions are simple: copy the bookmarklet to your browser and, when on any web page you don't like, bombs away!

Steer with the arrow-keys. Shoot with space. To activate, click the bookmark once on your webpage of choice. Can't see your remaining enemies? Then press and hold B. Remember: It's cooler if you make your own sound effects.

Of course, while I recommend trying this on Fox News, Breitbart, and any of our rival online-dating sites, in the interest of fairness (and fun!), I launched an attack on this very blog.

And although it's way more amusing to watch in real time, with bullets flying and rocket fuel bursting out of my ship, you can get something of a teaser with these screenshots:


Kick Ass browser app in action

Kick Ass blows up websites for fun