Kim Jong-Il’s grandson’s Facebook page is sort of embarrassing

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I'm often glad that Facebook didn't exist while I was in high school. I blessedly was able to experience those awkward years without having my poor fashion choices and dramatic breakups preserved in mortifying detail forever. Not so with today's generation. Kim Han Sol, Kim Jong-Il's sixteen-year-old grandson, had his Facebook page unearthed by the media this weekend. Like much of the world, he likes and consumes American culture, yet hates actual American people.

The teenage boy posted a poll on his page asking friends if they preferred democracy or communism, and indicated his personal preference for democracy. Eighteen months in a labor camp for you, Han Sol! He also engaged in a comment war with "NickyAmerican," eloquently expressing his distaste for the universally shared characteristics of all American people (specifically, being fat and stupid and eating cheeseburgers): "Fuck off fatty, go drop your cigarette and your cheesburger and go read a book. I'd suggest you to go study some geography." (Maybe Han Sol should study how to spell "cheeseburger?")

Anyway, this is definitely embarrassing for North Korea. Look at that dye-job.