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Lana Del Rey, a.k.a. the alt-princess who looks like a poutier Joseph Fiennes and sounds like she took voice lessons from the lead singer of Crash Test Dummies, has won a hipster battle, but lost the hipster war. Now, for those of you who live happy, rewarding lives away from the computer, lives that I imagine are filled with trips to the post office, last minute badminton games, and dinners at a table, this might get a little tricky. Shit is about to get real — or, well, like anything involving Lana Del Rey, shit is about to get methodically constructed. 

Lana Del Rey is no stranger to internet controversy; as we explored in our Del Rey primer, the singer's thoughtfully polished indie appeal and Muppety "sexy" looks have attracted a wide-array of passionate responses from all corners of the blogosphere. Following the singer's unhappy performance on Saturday Night Live, the virtual hellfire only got hotter. Recently, Thought Catalog, the go-to site for white girls who put photos of other, skinnier underwear-clad white girls on their Tumblr and love Chuck Klosterman books, published a satirical piece on the singer entitled "Lana Del Rey Reponds to Her Critics." As I am sure you have figured, the post was merely told from Del Rey's perspective; the real writer is a young man named Dave Schilling, as by the piece's byline. But Ms. Rey's publicists gave Thought Catalog a good shake down, resulting in the piece being taken down from the site

Undaunted, Schilling took his post to Hipster Runoff, a website that is a satire in itself. Immediately the site trumpeted the controversy with a post of its own and republished Schilling's original piece. According to Hipster Runoff, Schilling seems surprised that his critique caused such a stir:

"Of all the bad press that she’s gotten in the wake of her ‘performance’ on Saturday Night Live, I think it’s amusing that she (or her publicist, or both) chose to attack my article. It was a clear piece of satire. Is the real Lana Del Rey like the ‘Lana Del Rey’ I wrote about in my article? I don’t know. Probably not. I've never met her before, but I do know the public persona she projects, which I thought was fair game for parody in the United States. Apparently, that is not the case. Her publicist has not contacted HRO, Perez Hilton or any other pop culture blogger to my knowledge, yet I was singled out." 

So, in short, hipster singer and internet sensation Lana Del Rey removed a Lana Del Rey post from a hipster website only to be published on another, equally hip website. 

O brave new internet world! That has such people in it! 

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Jan 20 12 - 6:49pm
bowel ravelI

I never even heard of this trollop before this week, and I already want her to go away.

Jan 20 12 - 7:03pm

"Shit is about to get real — or, well, like anything involving Lana Del Rey, shit is about to get methodically constructed." Ha! Well done.

Jan 20 12 - 8:15pm

who is this person? who is "Lana Del Rey?"

Jan 20 12 - 8:19pm

Can we just say rich white girl with a rich daddy and no apparent talent.

Jan 20 12 - 8:22pm

Same here, B.R., never heard of her.
Doesn't sound like I'm missing much.
I also have never heard Justin Bieber sing, thank god!

Jan 21 12 - 3:01am

She wasn't just not any good on SNL. She's not any good, period

Jan 21 12 - 7:26am

This article reeks of predisposed contempt. "Shit is about to get real — or, well, like anything involving Lana Del Rey, shit is about to get methodically constructed?" 1)Her image is irrelevant 2)I'm pretty sure that songs, music videos, and all other forms of art are considered such BECAUSE they are methodically constructed. Lana Del Rey's songs(especially the acoustic demos) and video montages are beautiful. Her lyrics are clever... something that this article really is not. I can and DO enjoy listening to her without looking at her. Nothing else matters. But, hey... you probably figured that catering to the latest group of haters is the easiest way to go.

Jan 21 12 - 9:37am

If you think that Del Rey's image is irrelevant to her fame, then you are sorely mistaken. Part of what makes her so interesting to talk about is her carefully crafted image, a hyperfemininized fantasy. What made SNL so awkward is that we saw the metaphorical seams in the Frankenstein's monster

Jan 21 12 - 11:19am

I'm not referring to her "fame". I don't give a damn about her fame. My point - that you are making for me, is that people focus too much on her image. That's not what makes her interesting to me. Her image is irrelevant to the quality of her music. But some people are turned off by her image and stupidly write her off as an artist because of it. Like I said... I'm happy listening to her raw demos.

Jan 21 12 - 12:44pm

Im sorry to tell you this but she sucks big time.

Jan 22 12 - 9:15pm

Gee, that's a solid argument you've got there.

Jan 24 12 - 1:39am

i think you're missing the point. things she has said (e.g, "i lived in a trailer park and couldnt afford coco puffs) contradict what we know as fact (daddy's a domain millionaire). this transparent effort to falsify a "struggle" or just be flat out dishonest coupled with very obvious face work makes people dislike her. it's as if she's trying to swindle whoever's silly enough to b -- nevermind.

Jan 21 12 - 12:27pm

A good question for Colette to ask might be, "Who takes ownership of the decision to have the original article taken down?"

Supposedly, her publicists did so. I'm willing to buy that; they earn their daily pay by promoting publicity about her that is ultimately good for her brand and record sales (which could be "bad" publicity, but the important thing is that it gets people talking about her).

But calling her out for being a completely constructed pop star, claiming that nothing is real about her, and then forcing responsibility for the removal of that article on her, when she might have had little to no involvement in that decision as such, is really just trying to have cake and eat it, too.

The SNL performances were pretty awkward, and she has sounded better, but might we remember the fact that she has not released a full-length album yet, and has not gone on any major tours that I know of. Moving from performing for audiences of maybe a few hundred at absolute best to *millions* of people is going to be at least a little stressful, especially if you know that your career will be majorly affected by it. I might ask who among her loudest and snarkiest critics is an actual musician who plays for a living.

Jan 22 12 - 1:10pm

I think we can agree that this is similar to the argument leveraged by those who - when accused - retort "You don't know me." True, we don't know Lana Del Rey. What we do know of her is the image constructed by her publicists. Or maybe her. Who knows? So the teeming masses can - as it is the USA - form an opinion and attribute these impressions to the image/brand of Lana Del Rey. Be it the homunculus behind the shell, who it seems the sympathizers are defending - or the full package. The force the author holds accountable for Lana Del Rey is Lana Del Rey.

Jan 22 12 - 3:09pm

Look, no one is forcing her to take jobs she isn't ready for. That is just ridiculous. But if you take a gig, it is your responsibility, as a musician, to do your best and be prepared.

And, what what, I used to be a singer. I'm not sure why that's important to you -- really anyone who has ever been any kind of employee should be equipped to see why it's wrong to completely blow a job that you were paid for -- but yes.

Jan 25 12 - 12:21am

There are very few critics that I know of that are actually able to converse about the actual creative process and the process of being a musician. I absolutely agree that if you're going to be in a position where you'll be seen by millions of people that you should have your act together a bit more (and I didn't think she was terrible, just uninspiring--but shit-inducing fear can really kill a performance). But the very real problem with reading a review, especially from a critic who has a desire to make a name for him/herself, is that far too much of the critic's own personality gets inserted into the article. Occasionally, that can be useful, but I am not reading a review on Lana del Rey's performance to find out the pay-attention-to-the-words-that-*I*-am-saying view of the performance. I really do want to find out how it went, from an objective point of view. Sometimes you get that.

Jan 21 12 - 9:45pm

Crafted or not, I really enjoy her music, it's haunting and beautiful, and music is one of the few industries in which you can reinvent yourself in any image you like and get away with it... if you're clever. The strategy behind Lana Del Rey is cleverly executed, but like jbh said, she needs to practice to perfect it.

Jan 22 12 - 11:04am
tnanch have

The lyrics of "Video Games" reminds me of something Rebecca Black might come up with. Clever, indeed.

Jan 22 12 - 9:09pm

She has other songs...

Jan 22 12 - 2:24pm

Jeez, was it really THAT bad? I don't get people who just have to run people down. Who gives a fuck if she's good or bad, I don't want to hear from whiny douchebags about it.

Maybe Juliette Lewis should watch her singing in Strange Days again before she says anything.

Jan 22 12 - 3:12pm

Hilarious how the new defense of LDR is that her music is just so touching and amazing and incomparable to anything else that we have to make all of these allowances for her goofy image-maintenance and her terrible life performances. Seriously? You guys need to listen to more goddamned music. Her songs are mediocre as balls.

Jan 22 12 - 9:12pm

Why don't you recommend something?

Jan 25 12 - 12:13am

I like whoever Lemon is.

Jan 28 12 - 6:17pm

she is obviously Lana del Rey

Jan 23 12 - 12:29pm
Dave Schilling

All of the stories about my article tend to describe me as a 'young' writer. Is 27 still young? This is an honest question.

Jan 25 12 - 12:11am

I'm 27 as well, and happily acknowledge my youngness. The late twenties is a funny spot--you're too old to blow off your bills and be irresponsible, but you still have some time before you have to really seriously buckle down and think about the true long game. There are things we just won't understand until we're 40.

That said, truth be told, your piece really did read snotty and young. It also read like it was supposed to be seen as snotty and young. I'd embrace it, were I in your position.