Two men real-life Rick Roll all of San Francisco

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Two guys, two trench coats, and a boom box - The Real-Life Rick Roll

This past Halloween was packed with meme-related costumes. From Hipster Ariels and Nyan Cats to Chuck Testa and the Honey Badger — this was a holiday for celebrating all that is time-wastingly entertaining. However, it's always important to remember the classics, such as "Numa Numa" guy, Star Wars kid, and the eternal classic, the Rick Roll.

Ah, the Rick Roll. Since its appearance some four years ago, it'd be difficult to find someone who hasn't experienced the popular meme. Whether through a link, Twitter feed, flash mob, iPhone hack, or during a protest, millions of people have been fooled into hearing Astley's ode to monogamy.

Now, the real-life Rick Roll has been attempted by many a YouTuber — but never has it been done with maximum efficiency until this Halloween. Two men (aided by a cameraman and backup dancer) decided to bring the meme directly to the people of San Francisco.

While the first guy ropes people in dressed as Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything, his boombox quickly switches from Peter Gabriel to the notorious Astley song. That's when the second man (seemingly dressed as a pig) tears away his decoy costume to reveal a trench coat and the all-important red hair. Truly, this meme will never let us down.