Links: Banksy is “against award shows,” except when he’s nominated

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Banksy — the mysterious graffiti artist — has been nominated for an Oscar. He claims to be against award shows in theory, but in a pleasantly honest twist, says he'll make an exception when he's nominated. If he wins, does that mean he'll show up to accept? 

Barack Obama is continuing to forge ground as the most tech-savvy president. This afternoon, he ran a live video Q&A on YouTube with people's questions about the State of the Union. Just six short months after Isaiah Mustafa did it. 

Speaking of Old Spice, the company has announced that their latest viral ad campaign will take place entirely through social media. A "superfan" will be chosen, given a video, and asked to leak it through his or her presumably vast Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Which is clever. And totally free. 

A new study of college freshman in today's New York Times claims that they're more anxious, depressed, and stressed than ever. A shame, since college is supposed to be fun. 

And finally, are extreme sports more extreme when you do them naked? I'd hazard a yes. If you're on the fence, perhaps check out these photos?