Links: A farewell to Larry King with the 15 best clips of his career

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Larry King

Larry King ended his show after twenty-five years and 7,000 episodes last night. As a tribute, check out this list of the fifteen best clips of his career. Women cry, people storm out, and Seinfeld acts like a little bitch. 

Christmas can be depressing. Christmas movies can be boring. But, pretty people have the power to improve any situation. Hence, this list.

Speaking of depressing, this is actually heartbreaking. A gay soldier's letter written before he heads off to Afghanistan.

However, a repeal of DADT is before the Senate tomorrow and it looks like it might pass, which would make letters like that one a thing of the past. Cross your fingers.  

And finally, it's Friday. So, watch this remix of a bunch of Lithuanians stuck on a roller coaster