Links: Absolutely everyone hated the Black Eyed Peas, according to ESPN poll

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ESPN black eyed peas poll

A post Super Super Bowl poll suggests that everyone hated The Black Eyed Peas.  According to ESPN, they were given a grade of "F" by every single state. This might be the closest thing to national unity in recent memory. 

In what's either a really awesome story of childhood dreams coming true, or a cautionary tale about not saving your credit card info on your computer, a seven-year old boy bought a decommissioned fighter jet on eBay for about $100,000. 

A Belgian man just finished his 365th marathon — this year. The aptly dubbed "Marathon Man" now holds the world record for most marathons run in a year. And you really have no reason to complain about getting to the gym. 

Here are some of the craziest beliefs held by mainstream religions about sex. Most of them we already knew, but still — kind of a bummer. 

And finally, Bristol Palin is writing a memoir. That actually shouldn't be surprising to anyone.