Links: African American news reporter rescues white supremacist from beating

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Shomari Stone

Oh, the irony. KOMO 4 news reporter Shomari Stone was covering some boring news when, suddenly, he was smack in middle of a brawl. So, like the good guy he is, he helped him out. Turns out, the guy being beaten up had swastikas up and down his arms. I think they call that "situational irony."    

They call it "desperation porn." You could also call it "Nudity on YouTube not intended for sexual purposes, that's probably still used for sexual purposes by teenage boys." Or, "The National Geographic Channel." 

In other upsetting news, a escalator in DC broke this morning, injuring lots of people. I always knew those things were dangerous.

It turns out God is a pretty funny guy. He wasn't kidding about loving thy neighbor, and he would never kid about loving you. He also has the power to stop traffic, at least according to these.

And finally, this baby loves to laugh. The more the paper rips, the more he laughs. I'm not really sure what's being ripped up, but with a laugh like that, does it even matter?