Links: Anderson Cooper is “scared” and in hiding in Egypt

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Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper gave his show last night from his hotel room in an undisclosed location in Cairo — claiming that it no longer felt safe for him and his crew to film from the streets. It's very saddening to hear that things are still so violent in Cairo. Yet I can't help but feel a little impressed by what a badass Anderson is.  

On the subject of badasses, the new Old Spice commercial has been released into the world, into the hands of a sixteen-year old boy. It's part of Old Spice's new viral marketing plan. The kid was chosen based on the success of his Old Spice parody video — which is below. 

Like many Americans, you're probably heading to a Super Bowl party this weekend. And like many of us, you might not really give a shit who wins. Fortunately, these kind folks have made a flow chart to help you out. 

And finally, this is legitimately crazy: seven people who have sold their bodies to win Super Bowl tickets. These are some of the wildest stories ever.