Links: Anthony Weiner's wife is pregnant

Anthony Weiner's wife, the fabulous Huma Abedin, who has so famously refused to pose alongside her husband on his apology tour, is pregnant. Awwwwkwaaaard.

Midwest security firm Black & Berg offered $10,000 and a job to anyone able to change their company website's wallpaper. Needless to say, the internet responded almost immediately: "DONE, THAT WAS EASY. KEEP YOUR MONEY  WE DO IT FOR THE LULZ." This is why people tell you not to feed the trolls.

Affixing a camera to nearly every conceivable part of the body and going skateboarding could only have gone one of two ways. Fortunately for Eli Stonberg and his video "Extremities," it went the awesome way.

"Slide to Unlock" is a registered patent belonging to Apple. Here are nine other gestures that you can't legally make without owing someone money. I'm more interested in whether or not D-Generation X holds a patent on a certain gesture I made unceasingly throughout middle school — I might owe them a lot of money.

For those of you that want to make your 21st-century phone into a 20th-century device, check out Red Pop's iPhone Camera attachment, which gives your future box a decidedly anachronistic feel. (It also helps you take pictures faster, so there's that.)


Commentarium (6 Comments)

Jun 08 11 - 10:17pm

Also, Lulzsec refused to take the $10 000. Some classy scholars of the interwebs for sure.

Jun 09 11 - 4:20am

Weiner's got a bad case of cock face in that pic.

Jun 09 11 - 6:56am

Eliot Spitzer taught him how to pull that face.

Jun 09 11 - 1:15pm
G Unit

You think it's his baby? I wouldn't put money on it. ;-)

Jun 09 11 - 3:47pm

So should we consider this a cocktail Weiner?

Jun 10 11 - 12:41am

Poor Huma. Poor baby.