Links: Arizona votes to allow concealed weapons on college campuses, for safety obviously

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college student with a gun

Now, Arizona is one of the more backward states in the union, but they've taken another giant step. Today the Arizona House passed a bill allowing guns (including concealed ones) on college campuses. Here's the truly ridiculous part: supporters said, in the case of a school shooting, this would make things safer. I must have missed the day in Logic & Reasoning when they taught that if one gun is unsafe, then thousands of guns are much safer.

Some clever soldiers, anticipating a government shutdown, took this opportunity to make a little extra cash selling their government rides on the internet. I'm thinking they can get a lot more than that on eBay Motors, though.

Have you ever listened to Nickelback and thought, "I so wish I could make music like that," but had no idea where to start? No worries. Here's the tutorial you've been looking for. Now you too can confuse the masses with your popularity. 

Speaking of odd rockers: here's the official trailer for Hesher, an indie movie about a little kid befriending a young, metal-head bum played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Unfortunately, JGL's thinly veiled attempt at picking more macho roles probably isn't going to work. He kind of looks like a fifteen-year-old dressed up as Andrew W.K. for Halloween.