Links: Ban on same-sex marriages upheld in France

French gay marriage ban protestors

The French court system has upheld its ban on same-sex marriage — brought to court by a lesbian couple of fifteen years who're raising four children together. Conservatives rejoiced. The French remain a country of free-health-care providing socialists. 

Food Network's website is continuing its tradition of posting totally ridiculous recipes. This one is actually almost too stupid to believe. 

This is an ingredient-by-ingredient breakdown of Taco Bell's beef. The number one ingredient is, indeed, beef, but only because if they switched it, they'd be legally obligated to call it "savory, gelatinous, beef water." 

Bill Murray at a Bears game: the newest in the internet's fascination with "Bill Murray tales" — hilarious stories about Bill Murray doing something totally improbable

And finally, a gorilla that has learned to walk on its hind legs like its human handlers. Or, "the missing link." Take that, evolution deniers! 

Commentarium (2 Comments)

Jan 28 11 - 7:14pm

Are you telling me that the gayest place on Earth has banned same-sex marriage? Bastards.

Jan 29 11 - 1:31am

The comments on the food network website are priceless.

It's weird when France does something we don't consider leftish. I'm forced to believe that there's strong democratic dissent against gay marriage though...because it's France and they'd just riot otherwise.