Links: Barack Obama and NPR create new internet meme, “Inspiring Salmon”

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NPR State of the Union word chart

Barack Obama and NPR create the world's newest meme: Inspiring Salmon. It's okay if you don't get it; you'd have had to watch nearly the entire State of the Union. 

These kids are the absurdly talented kind. The "I've done more in eleven years than you'll ever do" type. And yes, that makes us secretly hate them. 

Here's a response to Michele Bachmann's Official Tea Party Response to Barack Obama. In other words, the weirdest, scariest thing that you probably didn't watch on TV last night. 

Speaking of crazy, here's a collection of the thirty-one craziest things Michele Bachmann has ever said. They are legitimately nutty. 

Sticking with this post's theme (State of the Union/things the internet loves), cats watched the SOTU last night too. This is what they thought of it.

And finally, Barack Obama wasn't the only one who (oddly) Tweeted throughout the entire SOTU. Keith Olbermann did too, and some of his Tweets are pretty hilarious