Links: Barney Frank talks about homophobia in Playboy

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Barney Frank

Congressman Barney Frank is talking up a storm in the May issue of Playboy, covering everything from Don't Ask, Don't Tell to Egypt to the effect of the internet on politics. So go ahead, read it for the articles. 

Enough with the accusations, people. Obama, good-natured and cool as a cucumber, shows why he is the President of the United States and Donald Trump is a punchline in this video response to the birther claims. Now, can't George Stephanopoulos stage an interview asking Trump why he's such an insufferable douchebag? That's what people really want to know. 

If that makes a little too much sense for your tender sensibilities, check out these bizarre Korean commercials. Three words: hot dog pizza. Still not as gross as Donald Trump.

Don't lonely hearts have enough to worry about? Add sexual assault to the list. A woman is suing for matching her up with a man who she claims sexually assaulted her. A night alone with a hot dog pizza doesn't sound so bad now.

Finally, start your weekend the way all weekends should be started — with Bill Murray prints. I always thought Murray would rock that blonde bob better than Gwyneth. Imagine wallpapering an entire room in your apartment with these. No man or woman could resist.