Links: “Black Ops” video game outsells “Titanic” in its record-breaking first week

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been on the market for five days. And it's sold 650 million dollars worth of video games. Which is more than any film or book or movie, pretty much ever. Granted, it costs sixty-dollars a pop, but still. Lots of people really really like shooting digital people. 

A list of the thirteen most historically important perverts includes Ben Franklin and Marquis De Sade. If the list had gone to fourteen, whom would you have included? 

Heaven Is For Real is a book based on the account of a then four-year-old boy who says he met God, Jesus, and his dead great grandfather while undergoing surgery. The fact that he was four when this happened makes him very reliable source, as does appearing on Fox News. 

A professor at the University of Central Florida realized some of his 600 students may have cheated on a final. So he offered them a chance to retake (rather than get expelled) if they confessed. 200 took him up on it. 

A bar owner in Sacramento, CA held a bacon bikini fundraiser for children with diabetes and then kept the money for himself. If you can't trust the guy running a bacon bikini fundraiser, who can you trust? 

Today is "Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day" to raise support and awareness for cancers that affect men. Tomorrow let's cure mustaches by shaving them off.