Links: Boston is named worst-dressed American city by GQ — go Red Sox!

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Boston kids

UGG fans and Northface wearers are raising their eyebrows under Red Sox caps today. Finally, Boston is being called out for being the frattiest place on Earth, landing at #1 on GQ's inspiring list of Worst Dressed Cities for its barrage of sports gear and sweatpants. The countdown is pretty extensive, and includes Pretty Much Everywhere, USA.

Cereal-box staring games just got a little more interesting; here's a collection of snazzy submissions for the possible redesign of nutrition labels. It's about time! With all the calorie counting we Americans should be doing, it'd be nice to at least enjoy the view.

At last, a peek into the mysterious offices of Google. Wait, what? They attend seafood fairs and play with the ancient bones of T-Rex to aid in the flow of creative juices? Not fair, Google. It's just. Not. Fair.

In other startling news, we found out that Victoria Beckham can read. Apparently, her all-time favorite, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, inspired the name of her newborn baby, Harper Seven. The good news is, sales of the book have spiked 123 percent since the announcement of the connection. The bad news? No one is quite sure what the "Seven" is all about.

There are certain unspoken rules on first dates. Some people swear you shouldn't sleep together; others insist that you  split the check. I typically say go home with the person if they're sexy and excuse yourself right when the check might arrive. This list outlines all the questions on the tip of your tongue during a date that could very well make the night an early one.