Links: Charlie Crist apologizes to David Byrne for copyright infringement

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Charlie Crist

Former Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist found his way to his local high-school picture day (check out that backdrop) and recorded an apology for using David Byrne's music without permission. I would congratulate him on admitting his mistake, but when someone has to sue you just to get a two-minute apology, you deserve no praise.

In the wake of Friday's discovery that forty-six percent of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal, here are twenty-five more examples of things Mississippi conservatives may not enjoy.

If you frequent shark-infested waters, crocodile pits, or UFC cages, you have to know how to defend yourself. That, or you need re-organize your life so that you aren't in those places so much. Either way, here's a guide to make it out of those places alive.

The clock is ticking on the Harry Potter franchise, so we have to get in all our nerdy wizard humor before it goes out of style. Here's a list of wizardry books for the internet-savvy witches and warlocks out there written by various Harry Potter characters. I really hope there is one on how to Photoshop your face to look like you're fourteen when you're twenty-two, by Ron.