Links: Respected poll has Charlie Sheen beating Sarah Palin for President

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Sarah  Palin

Not only is that headline written correctly, it is a fact. Public Policy Polling, a respected political polling source, has Sheen beating Palin by five percent among independents in a recent presidential poll they took. More interesting to me is the fact that eight percent of Republicans prefer Chuck and another nine percent just can't choose. I'm willing to bet that, faced with a choice between a sock puppet and Sarah Palin, seventeen percent would vote exactly the same way.

ARK Music Factory, the people who blessed us with Rebecca Black, are pros at producing ridiculous videos for talentless kids and making them internet stars. If you think you have the next Justin Bieber in your house, send them on over to ARK. Of course, that could result in your son or daughter being addicted to coke by fifteen, but whatever, we all make sacrifices.

To match all the real drunk people in your life today, here is a hilarious list of drunk people interrupting the news. My question to news outlets everywhere: why report the news from inside bars?

The fallout after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan has brought all the assholes out of the woodwork. Few have been as douche-y as the fool that wrote an article about how Japan's tragedy affects sushi lovers in Israel. Really, guy? All the radiation concerns and dead people pale in comparison to your need for spicy tuna. That's the stance you want to take?