Sarah  Palin

Not only is that headline written correctly, it is a fact. Public Policy Polling, a respected political polling source, has Sheen beating Palin by five percent among independents in a recent presidential poll they took. More interesting to me is the fact that eight percent of Republicans prefer Chuck and another nine percent just can't choose. I'm willing to bet that, faced with a choice between a sock puppet and Sarah Palin, seventeen percent would vote exactly the same way.

ARK Music Factory, the people who blessed us with Rebecca Black, are pros at producing ridiculous videos for talentless kids and making them internet stars. If you think you have the next Justin Bieber in your house, send them on over to ARK. Of course, that could result in your son or daughter being addicted to coke by fifteen, but whatever, we all make sacrifices.

To match all the real drunk people in your life today, here is a hilarious list of drunk people interrupting the news. My question to news outlets everywhere: why report the news from inside bars?

The fallout after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan has brought all the assholes out of the woodwork. Few have been as douche-y as the fool that wrote an article about how Japan's tragedy affects sushi lovers in Israel. Really, guy? All the radiation concerns and dead people pale in comparison to your need for spicy tuna. That's the stance you want to take?

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Mar 17 11 - 7:23pm

The sushi guy may be a douche, but as usual Rush Limbaugh tops the list.

Mar 17 11 - 8:10pm

This poll also had Charlie Sheen beating President Obama. Way to leave that fact out broomheads.

Mar 17 11 - 9:04pm

It has Republicans picking Sheen over Obama. Relax.

Mar 17 11 - 9:14pm

Can I post a link?

This actually says that among ALL voters, Palin is beating Sheen. 24% of ALL voters chose Sheen over Obama.

And may I just say, political leanings aside, it is ridiculous how all these sex-themed websites (tressugar, the frisky,, etc.) recycle the same stupid press releases without contributing any actual journalism, original though, writing, etc. The readers write most of the material on here, it's basically an enormous forum for bitching about relationships.

That is all.

Mar 18 11 - 10:46am

Try the left-hand column of the site! We run three new pieces of original feature-length content every day. That's more than most...

Mar 17 11 - 11:27pm

@Isla...then why are you here...start your own site

Mar 21 11 - 1:26am
ChrisDaMuthaFukin Be

I have never posted here before, but this nonsense has sparked my ire.

1. This is a variety site for adults who do not hold the same puritan-spoonfed-bullshit values that social etiquette deams acceptable. Calling it a sex themed site is a transparent and feeble attempt to diminish Nerve's credibility.

2. If you want any political truth, then you need to do some independent research, free of political spin doctors. You want original content? Requisition some background checks, court documents, school records, etc., from the politician of your choosing.

3. Try not contradicting yourself when you are ranting in an attempt to impress yourself with your sharpened skills of word-smithing and vast intellect. You initially claim this to be a sex themed site (sex-themed websites (tressugar, the frisky,, etc.)), then go on to accuse it of being a relationship forum, (it's basically an enormous forum for bitching about relationships.).
Furthermore, you then site as a source to support your argument and later go on to belittle your own source by saying, " And may I just say, political leanings aside, it is ridiculous how all these sex-themed websites (tressugar, the frisky,, etc.) recycle the same stupid press releases without contributing any actual journalism, original though, writing, etc ".

4. This website was created for a certain demographic audience. If you take issue with the way this site does business, then you probably are not the target audience and as such, belong elsewhere.
Maybe you should try starting your own website, grow it as large as and then complain about the way you run your own site.

That is all.

Mar 18 11 - 12:00pm

@isla - We actually know where to find news and "journalism" on the web, hon, but after we do that we know where to find other stuff too. We're here to bitch about all kinds of stuff - I know I'm enjoying bitching about you for example.

Mar 18 11 - 3:01pm

Well, how bad could it be to have a cokehead for President?

Oh, yeah, George W. Bush, right. Never mind.

Mar 18 11 - 6:47pm

I have to admit on my drive home today my mind was wandering a bit and I started to wonder if fish or beef from that region will be unsafe to consume, and for how long... also, could we be at riskmfro
the bazillions of Japanese-manufactured goods we import? Radiation has a tendency to contaminate *everything* and for a long time...

Makes you wonder if the long-term effects of this tragedy might be further-reaching than we care to imagine...

Mar 21 11 - 1:40am
ChrisDaMuthaFukin Be

No one knows. The facts are,
Radiated material has a half life, but is not going away ever.
Everyone who is/was alive after and during the drop of the first A-Bomb, carries a certain amount of radiation in their skeleton. As far as we know, every future generation will as well.
Japan already suffers a high retardation rate due to the radiation endured during WWII.
Radiation can readily cause gene mutation.
This will definitely change the world.