Links: Charlie Sheen quotes on New Yorker cartoons

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Charlie Sheen New Yorker quotes

There are few things funnier than Charlie Sheen right now. Charlie Sheen quotations as captions for black-and-white New Yorker cartoons is one of them.

Because the Charlie Sheen-quotation possibilities are endless, we bring you a blind date with Sheen — a collection of Chuck quotes assembled as first date dialogue. Enjoy.

A Russian art collective, responsible for that penis bridge, bring us more "street art." It looks a lot like women holding female cops down and kissing their faces really hard. But I can't draw, so what do I know?

For some reason, a Human Centipede sequel is in the works. Here are twenty-five new plot lines that would make it even better than it is, most definitely, going to be. 

In more inebriation news, here's a list of the strongest beers on Earth. The End-of-History beer doesn't sound like something I want to put in my mouth, but, if you're into near-death experiences, swig away.