Links: College students would give up sex for e-texts

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Frank Zappa is commonly credited with the statement: "If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library." However, apparently about twenty-five percent of college students would be celibate for a whole year in order to get e-textbooks. While I do remember carting a boatload of books around at college, I also remember enduring a lot more than that to have sex. Kids these days. 

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one of the most elegantly simple and genius concepts on television: smartasses making fun of movies. RiffTrax, the same team's latest project, expands on that concept by no longer exclusively mocking bad science fiction and horror. It's already a five-year old enterprise at this point, and no less funny for its age.

Poor, sad, hipster. His favorite lead singer is dating a Kardashian. 

Speaking as someone that loses his keys roughly two or three times a day unless they're physically attached to my person, this is a great innovation: a magnetic light-switch wall plate. Should I ever invest in one, it'll be a much smarter storage solution than my current one, which is simply to drunkenly hurl all my personal belongings at the nearest wall before passing out.

There's nothing quite as poverty-reaffirming as taking a bus somewhere. Everything about it reeks of shame, and sometimes, it reeks of other things too. Holy Taco has thoughtfully written an essay about the experience. Read it and savor the next time you get to hang out with a bunch of equally thrifty/automobile-less/down-on-their-luck/aroused individuals on a Greyhound.