Links: Community, Kony, and Franco 2.0

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In case you missed it, this week was all about birth control, Kony backlash and younger siblings. Younger siblings are so hot right now.

Jon Stewart did an even better job than usual slamming hypocrisy on his show on Monday. No jokes here; he should really speak for himself. 

Giving TV nerds everywhere a reason to live, Community is back and its ratings were actually good! Could it be that we lazy pirate fans have finally been scared into watching commercials?  Star Joel McHale even did his part by confronting his talk-show-host nemeses in the name of the most meta show on television. 

We should have guessed: white guys with guns in Africa might cause some controversy. There was some pretty intense Kony 2012 video backlash this week. One viral video showed Ugandans upset that everyone in the video was pretty much a big ol' whitey. 

Obama released a new seventeen-minute campaign video narrated by Tom Hanks. Not that he would ever call it a campaign video, because we in his target demographic like to come these conclusions on our own. 

The media was positively charmed by James Franco's little brother this week. And I think the media did this only because we know what it feels like to live in a sibling's shadow. I mean, where's our indie-art-house-bordering-on-gay-porn film? It's just not fair.

And people are already going crazy with anticipation for The Hunger Games. Will it suck? Will it be epic? Did Lenny Kravitz play a gay guy? We'll just have to wait and see. I'm waiting for the movie to come out in paperback myself.