Links: Conservative think tank tracking professors who use Rachel Maddow’s name in emails

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Rachel Maddow

In weird Big Brother news of the day, a conservative think tank is using the Freedom of Information Act to request emails containing Rachel Maddow's name. The targets are professors at three major universities. It's the latest in a similar series of attacks, and an unclear, if eerie, violation.

The Bronx Zoo cobra is still on the loose, wandering New York, tweeting like mad, and generally capturing the imagination of the public. And now, we have a photo diary of his exploits

In more New York posting, this video of the Times Square subway stop has just surfaced. It was shot by a German tourist… in 1986. Times have changed. 

And finally, in more somber news, this junior-high student who says she's been bullied every day since sixth grade was noticed by the local news (and then the internet) after she made this heartbreaking, anti-bullying video.