Links: Court orders Rahm Emanuel off the ballot for Chicago mayor

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This map shows that every state in the U.S. has something to be ashamed of. I left anti-social and moved to daily commute. Which seems like a good trade to me. 

This is today's gift from the internet: an amazing trailer of Seinfeld, redone to make it look like Jerry is trying to take over the world with his sidekick George. 

Do you ever see a guy in the NFL and think, "Man, how can a dude that big even run at all?" Well, these guys make those guys look skinny.

Boulder, CO is being plagued by vandalism. The sort of vandalism where giant, mysterious pieces of art turn up in the night. Which is probably the coolest kind. 

And finally, today, Rahm Emanuel was kicked of the ballot for Chicago mayor after a court claimed he didn't count as a resident. To celebrate or mourn, here are a bunch of pictures of him with Rahmen for hair. Rahmen Emanuel. Get it?