Links: Dennis Kucinich wants Obama impeached

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Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich, in an interview with The Raw Story, added more dumb fuel to the Obama-Libya fire. As if Nasty Newt's comments on Obama's bracket weren't enough, Kucinich wants the President impeached for the way he's handling things. Let's all calm down, fellows. If I remember correctly, our last Commander-in-Chief didn't always kill it either. Cut Barack some slack.

I'm cool with middle-aged men living out their overweight ninja fantasies in the middle of the afternoon. But if you have a four year-old kid at home with you, get him a matching suit with some nunchucks, and rock out together. Don't leave him at home and get arrested for child endangerment like this douche.

I understand that people love their Glee. Everything in moderation, though, kids. Megan Amram, obviously a crazed fan, covered her entire face (and the inside of her left ear) with lipstick, in an audition tape for the show. All that funk poisoned her brain and can do the same to you, if you're not careful.

Meet Kelly Gneitin. This 400-pound guy finished the LA marathon in just under ten hours becoming the heaviest man to ever complete a marathon. That's 26.2 miles. Before you ready your jokes, count the amount of marathons you've run. Thought so.