Links: An expert critique of the sexy car-wash scene

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Bad Teacher Car Wash

Most people are probably unconcerned with the realism of that old cinematic cliche, the sexy car-wash, but this is still fun: a bunch of actual car-washers critique these Hollywood ladies, flopping around in their tiny shorts and generally doing the job with more pizzazz than anyone we've ever seen at the local drive-through. 

One day, you too might finally get bored and stop reading fiction. When you do, you'll be joining the grumpy old ranks of Philip Roth, Cormac McCarthy, and Diana Athill. You'll be in good company, but what about your retirement plans to get through Moby Dick?

Are you itching to continue Pride Week? Or just trying to get wasted in a leather thong on a weeknight? (Same thing?) Check out this enlightening list of inspirations behind the names of various gay bars, so you don't accidentally walk into a straight bar.

If you've ever wondered why crazy country folk decided to live out with the chickens, or why city dwellers are such assholes, check out this study. It shows the differences all come down to how our brains handle stress, and, like, whether you prefer riding a horse to a cab.

Celebrities do what they want. While they might be best known for naming their children weird things, they also rename themselves some awesomely stupid stuff. Hello, Metta World Peace. I'm World B. Free.