Links: Donald Rumsfeld apologizes for the Iraq War on “The Daily Show”

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Donald Rumsfeld

Somehow, Jon Stewart got Donald Rumsfeld to come on The Daily Show in support of his new book. Among other cheeky jabs, Stewart badgered Rumsfeld into apologizing for the Iraq War.

Newt Gingrich, onetime Speaker of the House and perhaps Presidential candidate, was asked by a college student earlier this week how he can claim to support "the sanctity of marriage" (i.e. be anti-gay-marriage) when he's been married three times and admits to a long, extramarital affair in the 1990s. He ignored her. 

The Hangover 2 trailer dropped today. The crew takes their act to Thailand for Stu's wedding — this time with less roofie-flavored Jager, hopefully.

Kim Kardashian is slated to play the girlfriend of John Gotti, played by John Travolta, in an upcoming biopic about the infamous crime family. Kim Kardashian acting wealthy and entitled actually makes sense. No sex scenes, though, please.

Wells Fargo fucked with the wrong vampire this time. Patrick Rogers, fangs and all, told the story of his home-insurance dispute on Fox News in Philadelphia. And the news anchor, obviously an avid True Blood fan, wasn't fazed a bit.

And finally, before you spend another three hours complaining to your friends about your sex life, be glad you're not one of these thirteen unlucky animals.