Links: Drunk man showers Starbucks customers in dollar bills

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It's true that Boston likes to party extra hard on St. Patrick's Day, but this year the public drunkenness hit a new level when an obviously inebriated man walked into a downtown Starbucks and made it rain. It's possible that all the onlookers were equally drunk, because one witness reported that no one made a move to grab the hundred one-dollar bills being showered upon them. 

When I'm old, I'm going to collect buttons, like this guy. I think what I like most about this video, besides the huge bathtub full of buttons, is that someone clearly had to talk him into doing this. You think the elderly just hop on YouTube to create a viral video of themselves playing a guitar and singing about buttons? Think again.

Think of the two things hipsters like most. That's right, bikes and beer.  If you guessed right, you should celebrate and buy yourself this six-pack frame cinch for the bicycle I know you have. For the low price of twenty-two dollars, you can balance a whole six-pack on the center of your bike and pre-game while you pedal.

Oh, bros. You'll never cease to amuse us. This prank involves a car, a rope, and a man-child in underwear, and it takes "stupid" to a whole new level. 

Lastly, it's nice to know some people put their creative minds to good use. These lamps are some of the most original uses for junk I have ever seen. I'm particularly fond of the wine-bottle chandelier, although the robo-lamp is also pretty neat. Hooray for crafts!